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SMS RateCard SMS RateCard

Disclaimer: Globus Premium Telecom numbers can only be used for legitimate and genuine phone calls. No fraudulent use will be accepted. Fraudulent traffic will not be paid and will be regarded as a violation of the contractual terms, with all the legal consequences. Moreover any kind of PBX hacked traffic will not be paid.

Country Name Prefix Payouts
  Anguilla1264Get Payouts
  Barbados1246Get Payouts
  Belgium32Get Payouts
  Cameroon237Get Payouts
  Canada1Get Payouts
  Central African Republic236Get Payouts
  Chile56Get Payouts
  Congo242Get Payouts
  Democratic Republic of the Congo243Get Payouts
  Denmark45Get Payouts
  Estonia372Get Payouts
  Germany49Get Payouts
  Guinea224Get Payouts
  Kazakhstan7Get Payouts
  Kyrgyzstan996Get Payouts
  Lithuania370Get Payouts
  Luxembourg352Get Payouts
  Malawi265Get Payouts
  Montserrat1664Get Payouts
  Mozambique258Get Payouts
Country Name Prefix Payouts
  Namibia264Get Payouts
  Nauru674Get Payouts
  Netherlands31Get Payouts
  New Zealand64Get Payouts
  Nigeria234Get Payouts
  Pakistan92Get Payouts
  Papua New Guinea675Get Payouts
  Poland48Get Payouts
  Russia7Get Payouts
  Samoa685Get Payouts
  Soloman Islands677Get Payouts
  South Sudan211Get Payouts
  Spain34Get Payouts
  Switzerland41Get Payouts
  Tonga676Get Payouts
  Turkey90Get Payouts
  United Kingdom44Get Payouts
  Vanuatu678Get Payouts
  Yemen967Get Payouts
  Zimbabwe263Get Payouts

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