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SMS Premium Numbers SMS Premium Numbers

SMS are great ways to build new revenue streams.Earn on every SMS received across the globe on our SMS International Premium Rate Numbers. Great for Contests, Voting and Polling.We are a premium supplier of SMS solutions based on short code and long code SMS termination.

We accept SMS traffic from over 60 countries and over 130 networks within those countries so there is always an opportunity to work with our SMS solutions.Rates vary based on origin Country/Carrier

Revenue share SMS numbers are an easy way to create instant revenue streams for your business with minimal effort. They allow you to boost your revenue while also creating an official, recognizable image that appeals to customers nationwide.

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Why Globus Premium Telecom as Your SMS Partner? Why Globus Premium Telecom as Your SMS Partner?

Higher Payouts

Enjoy the unmatched payouts in the market to grow your wealth effortlessly.

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Better Delivery Network

We have robust platform to ensure the delivery of your messages to our system.

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Business Growth

Grow your business using our SMS platform that gives you to ability to expand you.

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